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Julbo Fury Sunglasses Black / Red Spectron 3

Julbo Fury Sunglasses Black / Red Spectron 3

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s Fury Spectron 3CF Sunglasses, are simple and tough, and have an excellent fit for high-intensity activity. The lens sits slightly away from your face, leaving plenty of room for ventilation while the arms wrap securely around your head. The rubberized finish is an excellent touch, and stops the glasses moving even slightly. The Rush features s 3D Nose and Flex Temple technology, resulting in a pair of sunglasses that prove comfortable on a wide variety of head shapes. The lens is a Category 3, a darker tint that is perfect for all conditions - a Category 4 is generally unnecessary for everything excepting glacier travel, whereas the 3 is the more well-rounded option, ideal for summer days in the alpine. The lens is polycarbonate and impact resistant, ensuring that these are glasses built to last. These are the CF lenses. CF stands for Colour Flash, and denotes a high-quality mirrored finish that is applied to the lens. There is no performance benefit associated with the mirrored finish, its purely for style. Widely suited to anything you throw at them - these are a versatile option for moving fast over long distances says With a striking and radical style, wide cylindrical lens and perfect venting, FURY is made for speed! Lightweight and designed to fit under any helmet, it offers top quality grip. Sharp lines go perfectly with the latest trends in cycling and heighten the tech credentials and performance of these frames. Available with our REACTIV Photochromic and SPECTRON polycarbonate lenses for perfect clarity of vision and protection.

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