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Panasonic Fv-0511vhl1 Whisperwarm Dc Fan Heater Light 50-80-110 Cfm

Panasonic Fv-0511vhl1 Whisperwarm Dc Fan Heater Light 50-80-110 Cfm

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The WhisperWarm Super Quiet Bathroom Fan with Heater, Night Light, and Light offers the convenience of four units in one! With its ultra-quiet motor paired with exceptional ventilation and a powerful heater, it s possible for all bathrooms to have superior ventilation, heating, and light. The fan uses a wide blower wheel to move a large amount of air at reduced RPMs. In addition, the wheel draws air in from both sides, making loud ventilation a thing of the past. The fan is designed for long lasting operation with fine-tuned construction made to withstand, among other things, rust and time. The heating capabilities of the unit extend from its tubular, stainless-steel-sheathed heating element that features Nichrome wire with magnesium oxide for optimal heat transfer and electrical insulation at elevated temperatures. The two 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps provide overhead lighting along with a 4-watt night light. Perfect for your bathroom, this combination fan unit will bring years of functionality and warmth.

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