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Casio Fx-Cg50 Graphic Calculator, Battery

Casio Fx-Cg50 Graphic Calculator, Battery

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Graphics computer with high-resolution display and powerful processor. With its innovative functions, improved catalogue function and high-quality design, this new graphic calculator is a trend-setting tool for practical mathematics lessons. Special features draws three-dimensional graphs with the new 3D-Graph application. Sensors connected to the C-Lab are automatically recognized with the improved E-CON application using Auto-ID. High-resolution color display impresses with more than 65.000 colors and backlight. Graphs and images are displayed in detail. Results of calculations can be displayed as three-dimensional objects. Three different types of 3D graphs can be displayed simultaneously. Bar, pie or box diagrams can be displayed in 8 different colours. Axis labels facilitate the analysis of the graphs. Mathematical expressions like roots, fractions, logarithms, but also matrices and integrals are displayed in natural notation. Colored bracket levels simplify the correct input of nested terms and prevent syntax errors. Differentiation of several graphs in the coordinate system is made easier by different coloring. Axis labels ensure a clear representation. Various new tools and symbols for dynamic geometry available-new commands for the scalar product, cross product or unit vector simplify the handling of vectors in the FX-CG20. All results are displayed in a natural representation and the results for systems of equations that cannot be solved unambiguously are now more meaningful. Commands for standard deviation and variance can be found in the stochastic commands. Integrals between zeros or intersections of functions is a popular feature of the FX-CG20. High resolution and color display make it easy to work with inequalities, which can be linked / evaluated by an andor oroperation. With the add-in for random experiments the simulation of dice, urn or playing card experiments is even more vivid, faster and easier.

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