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Zither G09 Handcrafted Wood Guitar Stand - Red Oak

Zither G09 Handcrafted Wood Guitar Stand - Red Oak

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Saxophone by Zither USA. Details:Your search for the perfect stand is finally over. Remove the base and the arm from the packaging, and notice the beautiful grain of the solid wood. Feel how sturdy it is in your hands. As you quickly assemble the pieces you begin to understand that this is not just a bass guitar stand, this is a beautiful piece of handmade furniture. Our stands are handcrafted in the USA from premium hardwood. The cradle where your guitar rests is a USA-made String Swing cradle, the finest available. You will not have to worry about it harming your guitars finish. The construction is solid. The design is beautiful. Best in Show Winter NAMM 2015, Best in Show Summer NAMM 2016. Support your instrument with this beautiful and secure stand.

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