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Grizzly G1015 - Knife Belt Sander / Buffer

Grizzly G1015 - Knife Belt Sander / Buffer

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Do the Different and Explore Knife Making with the G1015 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer An entry-level tool, the 2in.x72-76in. Knife Belt Sander/Buffer is handy for small operations including finishing details on projects and free-hand shaping. Hobby knife-makers and bladesmiths can learn the ropes on the 1HP double-spindle grinder motor tool. The tool offers great convenience as the 2in.x72in. belt is long enough to manipulate large items without touching the motor. The belt can be replaced easily by simply releasing the tension and the adjustable machine height lets you use smaller belts as well. The can chew through metals with a single, fast 1725RPM speed and can sometimes be used to remove paint or finishes from wood.

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