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Zoom G6 Multi Effects Processor

Zoom G6 Multi Effects Processor

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The G6 Multi-Effects processor is the culmination of 30 years of s engineering know-how, passion for audio and love of guitar. Features jaw-dropping effects combined with powerful amp modeling, the G6 is in a class all its own. , long known for its history of innovative guitar effects, introduces the new G6 Multi-Effects Processor. The versatile all-in-one G6 combines stellar sound and convenient portability in a rugged, easy-to-use multi-effects processor that can fit in the pocket of your gig bag. The new G6 includes all the traditional and classic sounds guitar players seek and also offers new original amps and several brand-new effects. Identifying the tonal qualities of the greatest amps in history, engineers combined those signature sounds to craft new amp models, ranging from vintage blues to the heavy-metal sound of Djent. In addition to these original new amp models, has invented entirely new distortion and never-heard-before modulation effects, too. With cabinet emulations of all modeling amps, plus, 70 pre-loaded impulse responses (IR), captured with different microphones placed in various positions, the G6 provides a wide spectrum of sonically accurate cabinet sounds to choose from. You can also import over 100 of your own IRs, for true sound customization. The G6 features a 4.3-inch color touchscreen, with easy-to-use, application driven technology, which lets you drag, drop and swipe your way to new sounds. 135 preloaded effects and compatibility with s Guitar Lab along with 68 built-in rhythm patterns in various genres and time signatures, provides a massive number of creative combinations to explore. The G6 functions as an audio interface for Mac and PC, enabling you to record directly to your favorite DAW via USB.

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