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Dexcom G7 Receiver By Rapidrxusa

Dexcom G7 Receiver By Rapidrxusa

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Dexcom G7 Receiver The Dexcom G7 Receiver tracks and displays your blood glucose levels and trends to help you monitor and manage your diabetes. It includes customizable alerts for high and low readings and allows users to scan sensors to stay on top of their glucose levels. With the G7 Receiver, tracking and managing your diabetes is easier than ever. G7 Receiver Features: User friendly interface: The G7 CGM Receiver has an intuitive interface that makes it extremely easy to understand glucose data and is user-friendly. Small portable size: The Dexcom G7 receiver is super compact and lightweight, making it simple to carry on your person. Long battery life: The G7 receiver has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 days on a single charge. Large color touchscreen: The receiver has a large, high-resolution color touchscreen that displays glucose data in real-time. The display is also easy to read, even in the sunlight. Automatic transmitter pairing: Dexcoms G7 sensor pairs automatically with the G7 receiver anytime a new sensor is applied, eliminating the need for manual pairing. Customizable alerts: Customizable alerts can be simply setup to receive notifications when your glucose levels are too high or too low. Shareable data: The G7 receiver can be paired with a smartphone app which allows users to share their glucose data with their doctors or friends/family. Includes: 1 Dexcom G7 Receiver

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