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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Midnight Black Hardware/Electronic

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Midnight Black Hardware/Electronic

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The enormous dimensions of the 6.3(160 mm) display without home button will impress you and offer you even more possibilities. And in split-screen mode, you can even move files between apps. Take pictures like a pro with the Galaxy Note8 and marvel at your photos. Image Stabilizer (OIS) on both cameras produces an even more brilliant image. With two lenses, 2x optical zooming is also possible. The result - unprecedented image quality. Create animated, handwritten messages with a natural feel, take notes quickly and easily or translate texts. With the new SPen of the Galaxy Note8 you can do these steps in the twinkling of an eye. Thanks to the special card slot of the Galaxy Note8 DUOS, two SIM cards can be accommodated. This allows you to use the second SIM card instead of the SD card. DUOS Hybrid SIM allows you to use the The second card in the settings can be activated or deactivated as required - so you can enjoy the end of the day at your leisure.

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