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Samsung Galaxy S9+ - 64 Gb - Titanium Gray - Unlocked - Gsm

Samsung Galaxy S9+ - 64 Gb - Titanium Gray - Unlocked - Gsm

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Introducing the Galaxy S9+ - The Camera. Reimagined. Our category-defining Dual Aperture lens adapts like the human eye. It s able to automatically switch between various lighting conditions with easemaking your photos look great whether it s bright or dark, day or night. If it s dark, the lens opens to F1.5 mode to pull in light for a bright and clear photo and in the daylight, the lens shifts to F2.4 mode to help your picture come out sharp. Super Slow-mo lets you see the things you could have missed in the blink of an eye. Set the video to music or turn it into a looping GIF, and share it with a tap. Then sit back and watch the reactions roll in. Create an Augmented Reality version of yourself simply by taking a selfie. Then share your real-life feelings as emoji stickers and videos. Intelligent Scan is a new technology that combines face recognition and iris scan to make unlocking simple even in low light. Color: Silver.

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