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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 256 Gb In Graphite

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 256 Gb In Graphite

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Meet the Galaxy Z Flip4—the compact foldable phone that lets you express yourself in a new way. Use the cover screen to view your messages, calendar, and notifications. You can worry less knowing your device is water-resistant1. It s ultra-durable hinge lets you fold and unfold without wear. And with a larger battery and Super Fast Charging, your phone will keep up wherever you go. Unfold your world and experience next level expression with the Galaxy Z Flip?, paired with Verizon1s ?G2 network. 1. Consistent with IPX? rating, water resistant in up to ? feet of water for up to 3? minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet. 2. ?G Ultra Wideband available in select areas. ?G Nationwide available in 2???+ cities.

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